Pictures and Videos of Kyle and Stephanie

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Going to the Concert with Grandpa Hahn (April 2003)

Kyle's 6th birthday at school (June 2003)
They celebrated kids with summer birthdays during the school year

Reaching into the Birthday box

Birthday video

Easter Egg hunt at Grandpa Hahn's house (March 2004)

Kyle starts Karate (April 2004)

Stephanie rides a pony (July 2004)

Kyle's 7th birthday (August 2004)
He had a little party with his friends, and then another with family

Back to school (September 2004)
This is Stephanie's first year at Bethel

Family Pictures Dec 2004

Hahn Christmas and Steph's B-day 2004

Mom's Vegas B-day trip

Video of Stephanie dancing with Natalia, March 2005

Disneyland, April 2005

Videos of Kyle riding his bike, April 2005

Kyle's 8th Birthday, Aug 2005

Back to school day (September 2005)
Steph's in Kindergarten and Kyle's in 3rd grade

A variety of shots from Jenny and Kirk's wedding

The trip to LegoLand, Oct 2005

Halloween 2005

Leaf Fun, Nov 2005